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Hi, I’m Dan Fox.

I work in the UK rail industry as a Community Manager, but in my spare time I set out to tell the story of some of our industry's darkest days. I hope that sharing those stories, and the steps taken since, will help listeners understand why the UK rail network is among the safest in the world.


Why start a podcast?

I've always been a fan of Air Crash Investigation, the TV show. I loved how they delved into the details about why, not just how, an accident happened. And this led to me reading the reports as well. Amazing amounts of detail, but very technically written. 


And a podcast was born!

I initially dabbled in creating Youtube videos, but getting the right quality was proving difficult. I then started listening to a podcast called Disaster Area, and it inspired me to record an episode of my own. Season One, Episode One, covering Great Heck... people were interested and so I kept on going.

The rest, well, is history!


From planes to trains...

AAIB and NTSB reports eventually led to RAIB reports covering train crashes. I found the detail fascinating, and wanted to share what I had learned with others. I would have loved to signpost a similar program to ACI, but I found out that apart from a few isolated episodes nothing similar exisited.

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If there's anything else you want to know, reach out on Twitter!

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